40+ Easy Sticky Chicken

Easy sticky chicken 00012

This Crock Pot Sticky Chicken is one of my unequaled most loved moderate cooker formulas. I’ve attempted a few comparable formulas, yet I’ve discovered this to the be outright BEST sticky chicken formula.

I’m a sucker for a moderate cooker formula. As a working mother with an all day work, I take whatever assistance I can get with regards to supper. Furthermore, my moderate cooker is my most loved assistant!

I’m generally vigilant for simple and scrumptious moderate cooker chicken bosom formulas. When I made this Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken I realized it would be a victor!

Best Sticky Chicken Recipe. This formula has everything going on. I simply love the rich and sweet tomato enhance. It’s profound and rich and kicked up with crisp ginger and garlic. I truly think everything is better with garlic and ginger. They’re two of my record-breaking most loved flavor supporters.